Cambodia, South-Asia

Phnom Penh, photo by the author
Phnom Penh, photo by the author

2018 was the last year that I had a big trip, I was able to go to Mumbai for work. And then went 2 more weeks to Cambodia and Vietnam.

It was my first time in Asia, and wow. I think I can only say wow.

From the food (always the food), the history, the views, and most importantly the people, I don’t even know where to start. What I can guarantee is that I’ll be back. Although I don’t like to repeat countries, I know that I didn’t visit even half of what I should.

And, this week I’ll…

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

My dream job is one day to be able to travel the world and eventually write about it.

A bit like Bourdain — Food, Travel, and Mental Health — I did say that it was a dream job.

Unfortunately, I’ve been fighting with my procrastination for far too long now. And at the same time, I’m not brave enough to try something like that.

For better or worse this year brought me to a different state of mind. For the first time in over 15 years, I’ll be without a 9 to 5 job from the next month on. …

Biases, stereotypes, and understanding the other

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

I’ve been writing about traveling one way or another in the last couple of months — or is it years?

But the truth is that I’ve been in the corporate world for the last 15 years. So even if my dream job was to do something along the lines of traveling and writing, my expertise is not there. To be honest, right now I don’t even know if there is an area where I’ve any kind of expertise.

That said, it’s known that companies are now focused on showing that they somehow care about their employees. …

Earthquakes, Lisbon

photo by the author

A few weeks ago there was a small earthquake in Lisbon. It was just a bit flutter, felt by almost everyone, but with no material/personal impact.

For me — although, once again, I haven’t felt it — it was another reminder that we’re still waiting for the “big one”.

Every place that is a bit vulcanic or lays in a seismic fault is waiting for the big one.

Portugal, and Lisbon more specifically, are the ones more closed to me. Not only do I live there, but I also studied the 1755 earthquake that almost destroyed the city.

Being from…

Inspiring People — Travel and Foodies

Anthony Bourdain

Photo by Haus of Zeros on Unsplash

We all have our idols, and in this time and age of the internet, we can follow them in a somehow too intrusive way. Some of us put ourselves out there way too much, and some of us try to look into the life of anyone that we admire. Sometimes, we’re on both sides.

It’s difficult to live in this online world without seeing more than we asked for. And most of all, we should learn to look at the life of our idols as a grain of salt; the truth is, we never see everything.

An example…


From a tourist’s point of view

San Francisco, photo by the author

San Francisco is probably on the go-to list of half of the world. I know that it was in mine for several years, and then in San Fran, you have so many places to go, to try, to enjoy.

If you won’t have a lot of time there, please don’t lose the opportunity to check the following:

1 — Go to the Golden Gate

Take some time enjoying the view of one of the most known bridges in the world. The one in Lisbon is almost an identical replica.

It’s a beautiful bridge and the viewpoint from this park gives you the opportunity to not only enjoy…


Ghost Stories

City of the dead

Edinburgh photo by the author

There are some amazing things about Edinburgh, but, if you know anything about me, you can imagine that all the ghost stories were something that brought me some interest. One of the things that I had to do was participate in a tour by City of the dead tours, and let me tell you, this was not the best idea when you’re as wuss as I am.

So, how did this go, you ask?

First of all, I was staying at an amazing hostel, in which my room had a view of the Greyfriars Kirkyard — after this, let’s…

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

As many creators — or in my case wannabe creators — we need to have a way to support ourselves. Unfortunately, I still haven’t won the lottery, although I’m not even trying to.

Therefore, I decided to start a Patreon, most of all I want to be able to work in this desire to create and share everything about my travels, and my readings and the ramblings on my mind, without worrying about my bills.

This is also a work-in project, like many of my creative projects are, but most of all I want to be able to share my…

Let’s talk about two of my favorite things: Lisbon and food.

Photo by Jenn Kosar on Unsplash

Better yet, food is one of the things in which we Portuguese are really good at. So, and since this year we all need to help, I decided to make a post with a list of some of the best places to eat in Lisbon. Let’s hope that all of them will still be open after this complicated period.

Although this year — like for so many of us — was the year in which I discovered that I like to cook, I still love to eat out, especially in Lisbon. …


Lisboa can be described with all the cliché of being a Mediterranean city in this “garden planted by the sea” that’s Portugal, however, Lisboa is so much more than that. In a city in which we can feel the contrasts and crossings between the old and the modern, I decided on an Autumn Sunday that makes you remember Summer wander through the typical Lisboa.

I started in Mouraria. It was initially the Moorish neighborhood, now Mouraria is defined by a medley of nationality and cultures that makes it one of the typical Lisboa neighborhoods, despite it, this is one of…

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