From a tourist’s point of view

San Francisco, photo by the author

San Francisco is probably on the go-to list of half of the world. I know that it was in mine for several years, and then in San Fran, you have so many places to go, to try, to enjoy.

If you won’t have a lot of time there, please don’t lose the opportunity to check the following:

1 — Go to the Golden Gate

Take some time enjoying the view of one of the most known bridges in the world. The one in Lisbon is almost an identical replica.

It’s a beautiful bridge and the viewpoint from this park gives you the opportunity to not only enjoy…


Ghost Stories

City of the dead

Edinburgh photo by the author

There are some amazing things about Edinburgh, but, if you know anything about me, you can imagine that all the ghost stories were something that brought me some interest. One of the things that I had to do was participate in a tour by City of the dead tours, and let me tell you, this was not the best idea when you’re as wuss as I am.

So, how did this go, you ask?

First of all, I was staying at an amazing hostel, in which my room had a view of the Greyfriars Kirkyard — after this, let’s…

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

As many creators — or in my case wannabe creators — we need to have a way to support ourselves. Unfortunately, I still haven’t won the lottery, although I’m not even trying to.

Therefore, I decided to start a Patreon, most of all I want to be able to work in this desire to create and share everything about my travels, and my readings and the ramblings on my mind, without worrying about my bills.

This is also a work-in project, like many of my creative projects are, but most of all I want to be able to share my…

Let’s talk about two of my favorite things: Lisbon and food.

Photo by Jenn Kosar on Unsplash

Better yet, food is one of the things in which we Portuguese are really good at. So, and since this year we all need to help, I decided to make a post with a list of some of the best places to eat in Lisbon. Let’s hope that all of them will still be open after this complicated period.

Although this year — like for so many of us — was the year in which I discovered that I like to cook, I still love to eat out, especially in Lisbon. …


Lisboa can be described with all the cliché of being a Mediterranean city in this “garden planted by the sea” that’s Portugal, however, Lisboa is so much more than that. In a city in which we can feel the contrasts and crossings between the old and the modern, I decided on an Autumn Sunday that makes you remember Summer wander through the typical Lisboa.

I started in Mouraria. It was initially the Moorish neighborhood, now Mouraria is defined by a medley of nationality and cultures that makes it one of the typical Lisboa neighborhoods, despite it, this is one of…

Or the one I almost got arrested

Photo by Alec Favale on Unsplash

The first time I flew I had to face my first weird situation. I think after this, anything that could happen was just one more story to tell.

I went to the UK, to be a chaperone to a younger girl that wasn’t allowed to travel abroad by herself. So you can imagine, that one of the main things on my mind was to keep her safe.

There were no direct flights to get there, so we had to go through Heathrow. On the way there, there were no issues — besides the fact that I discovered that I hate…

Or that time where no one spoke English

I have an interesting way of dealing with any of my trips. Well, not as much as an interesting way, but more as a very limited preparation. I mean I normally buy the tickets, the one that takes me to where I want to go, and the one that will bring me back to the boring 9h to 5h life, and besides that, usually, I read about the place, to know what I should expect.

A few years ago I was able to go to Turkey for 10 days, it was amazing.

I fell in love with Lisbon probably on the day I was born, even though I never got it until I started to travel through the world.

When I started traveling, I began to look at my city with the eyes of a tourist, and that's the best way to find some hidden secrets or to look at places where you normally just pass through without even looking.

I’ll just share with you some 5 places not to miss in Lisbon and help you get as enamored with my city as I am.

My brother’s favorite movie for a couple of years was “The Rock”. So I kind of had to see something about Alcatraz several times during a few years.

Then, a few months before my trip to the US I saw a documentary about the only successful escape from this prison.

Alcatraz, Photo by the author

After all of this, it was impossible to go to San Francisco and don’t set foot on that little island. Well even without this background, Alcatraz is one of the mandatory sightseeing places if you go to San Francisco.

It’s worth it.

There’s enough information to be able to understand the story of the prison.

A book review — Another way of traveling

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

I try to read at least 1 book about the countries that I’m planning to visit, am visiting, or have visited.

My trip to Vietnam was not an exception. More than that I was able to buy some of them there. In English, I’m still not able to read in Vietnamese. One day maybe.

Being from a western country I ended up influenced by all the Hollywood movies about Vietnam.

Thankfully, a couple of years ago I started to think a bit more, and always try to see the story from the…

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